By , November 12, 2013 8:01 am

Rahul Dravid has defended Indian bowlers and has said that they shouldn’t be criticized that much for their ODI performances off late as it’s not easy for them to bowl economic spells with the new rules.

According to the new rules, now you can’t keep more than 4 fielders outside the 30-yard circle at any stage of the innings. Also, two different balls are used from the two ends of the ground now. So, the ball remains hard throughout the 50 overs and comes on to the bat nicely for the power hitters towards the end of the innings. So, because of these factors, some huge scores are being posted by the teams these days and they are being chased down as well.

In the recently played ODI series between India and Australia, the 300 plus scores got chased down three times; twice by the Indian team and once by the Aussies.

Talking to the reporters while taking part in an event in Maharashtra yesterday, Dravid said, “I don’t know what a respectable total is. A few years back, 250 used to be a respectable total, but, it’s not respectable anymore with the new rules. Now, it’s 300 which is a respectable figure.”

“It’s not easy for the bowlers at all these days. So, I don’t think we should criticize them that much. And as far as the Indian bowlers are concerned, they are all young and they will only get better from here.”

When asked about India’s current ODI batting line up, Dravid said, “It’s very strong at the moment. Everyone in that batting line up has the ability to win matches on his own. Everyone is a match winner and that’s what makes that batting line up so exciting.”

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