Indian skipper Dhoni announces retirement from test cricket

By , January 30, 2015 6:12 pm

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3 Responses to “Indian skipper Dhoni announces retirement from test cricket”

  1. rajesh kumar says:

    Shivani is really speaking with ignorance. She didn’t have enough
    experience to talk about Dhoni. Hope she will learn as good reporter. Her
    reporting skills are pathetic. 

  2. d.jayanth kumar says:

    I dnt think virat Kohli can lead the team as ms……kohli is always angry
    dick head…..

  3. Jacobvijay says:

    Shivani… Whoever you are…don’t show your ignorance of cricket knowledge
    so blatantly. Not everybody can become Arnab… Guess this not your cup of
    Respect the longest and most successful captain of Indian cricket.