Top 10 richest cricketers in the world

By , November 19, 2013 6:55 am

Indian Cricketers Movie Score: 3 / 5

25 Responses to “Top 10 richest cricketers in the world”

  1. Hamza Khan says:

    You bitch asshole motherfucker all indians are dumasses indian are the
    biggest asshols in the world india sucks

  2. Rajeev Midha says:

    these fuckers earn too much money whilst 90% of Indians live in some degree
    of poverty

  3. Purnima Chathuranga says:

    If play football, golf, basketball more money):, Time wasting game. country
    is the main factor to money

  4. Danushka Premarathna says:

    fuck this

  5. ThEpReDatOR eAglE says:

    Have u seen who scored more runs?

  6. usama sabir says:


  7. Shenal De Silva says:

    haha..another retarded indians fake video!!!#DIS-RESPECT from aussie..

  8. Haasher Bajwa says:


  9. Zeshan Bari says:

    Have You Seen Brian Laras High Score Compared To Sachins?

  10. sachin hajare says:

    hahaha , u can claim that he is more talented then sachin, but u cant go
    against the factss looser

  11. sachin hajare says:

    these are based on records if u dont belive then find urself fukerss

  12. sachin hajare says:

    u know we dont think we know we r the best

  13. khizar chaudhry says:


  14. barathipillai58 says:


  15. Uday Kadam says:

    ignorance is bliss!!!! right – fucking chutiye

  16. Uday Kadam says:

    so, how does that make it wrong bro – thats the fact… can go to the
    list of richest international sports persons on forbes – in top 100 yu only
    have sachin and MS!!!

  17. Uday Kadam says:

    yes, great, awesome – now, in english please!!!

  18. Uday Kadam says:

    u have been watching lot of has-be-haal of late bro – get out of there and
    take a balanced view!!!

  19. Uday Kadam says:

    where the fuck do you get this out from……atleast dont challenge
    facts……u hate sachin, thats ok – but u cant do anything about how much
    he earns…

  20. Uday Kadam says:

    may be pakis dont think that way!!! or perhaps you were born recently

  21. Zeshan Bari says:

    Sachin Is Not The Master Blaster Dumbass

  22. RiA KILLA says:

    Get fudge out here indiN

  23. woo hoo says:

    another indian bastards sick video..

  24. Amit Karn says:

    this is a fact that pakistanis dont get salaries like Indians or
    Australians….I m sure if pakistanis were among the richest players they
    would have included those cricketers

  25. Amit Karn says:

    Its not a joke… in the second auction of the IPL yousuf Pathan was one of
    the highest paid cricketers..