Anil Kumble announces retirement from Tests

By , March 26, 2014 7:24 am

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21 Responses to “Anil Kumble announces retirement from Tests”

  1. 36chinatowndon says:

    gonna miss you jumbo! u r a hero! One day i am gonna shoot da media! when i
    become a curry star i will shoot them for making anil retire and for making
    ganguly retire!! i hate da media sooo much!

  2. Bhupendra Dhyani says:

    Kumble the great indian test player matches the level of Sachin Tendulkar.
    Indian test team will surely miss you AK.

  3. jxwhee says:

    Jumbo is the truth.

  4. Mandeep Bedi says:

    u hv given us all gr88 matches.. I wish u a splendid retired life..

  5. saurabhxyz says:

    I salute you Anil Kumble…….For whatever you have done for Indian
    Cricket……I think now dogs like Vengsarkar would be relieved…..I think
    so why does not Vengsarkar look at his careear and write a
    autobiography…….Anil We Would Miss You

  6. siddharthsingh12 says:

    why is everyone saying he is succumbin to the media? golly gosh his arms
    about to fall off, if he didnt retire now he cud end up in hospital! thanks
    kumble for the memories

  7. iplt20cricket says:

    a very special guy..he absolutely mentions everyone…thats what cricket is
    gonna lack gentlemen cricketers like Walsh, Ambrose, Anwar,Rhodes and now

  8. ishkaran88 says:

    I am in this video 🙂 I come at the time when video hits exact 3.00…..I
    have magzine in my hand and flag around my neck 🙂 Love it!!

  9. Abhilash Basavaraj says:

    one of the greatest sportsman India has ever produced. We miss u a lot

  10. Jogi Raju Mandapaka says:

    Humble Kumble. The man taught me to love legspin. Another Indian Gr8
    succumbing to The gr8 Indian Media.

  11. vinnyvinner says:

    A Cricket Legend 619 – Test Wickets 337 – ODI wickets Therefore 956 –
    International cricket wickets

  12. Raghu Rama says:

    Hats off to u kumble….. u r the best spinner india had.

  13. Abhay Vij says:

    Indian Media Hitlist 1. Saurav Ganguly 2. Anil Kumble 3. Rahul Dravid
    (netime soon) 4. Sachin Tendulkar (would be gr8 news for everybody and sell
    like hot cakes so ofcourse is media’s ultimate target) 5. VVS Laxman (would
    be required to automatically retire after that)

  14. ahwdog says:

    you don’t find people like him much. one of the greatest, most competitive
    players who played the game, and also, one of the humblest.

  15. ranjith hari says:

    God bless you Kumble….Jai ho 🙂

  16. satwik mehta says:

    great man indian cricket will miss him the media sucks big time ht sucks
    even more but this man needs all the praise 4 making india a great
    cricketing nation

  17. kankulr says:

    Thanks for quick uploading 🙂 Regards, Rajshekar

  18. ishkaran88 says:

    I am in this video 🙂 I come at the time when video hits exact 3.00…..I
    have magzine in my hand and flag around my neck 🙂 Love it!!

  19. DAMNuniggaaaporki says:

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  20. r3gill says:

    yea true bro indian media deserves to get shop up their arse… and so as
    the people who follow media are even bigger assholes…

  21. saajan4u83 says:

    hey Jumbo …you made India and Karnataka Proud..Thanks 4 those woderful 18
    years..Nimmantha Cricketers innu barta irli anta aa devaralli prarthane