Cricketer Anil Kumble with his Chetana, parents and kids exclusive video

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*BRILLIANT* | Rahul Dravid takes a blinder at slip against Australia

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Indian Cricketers Boost up after Warmup Watch

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The Indian batsmen scored some runs in their first practice match on the Australia tour against the Cricket Australia XI, but, that shouldn’t be seen as a big positive. Firstly because the attack that they were facing was composed of young, inexperienced blokes who are just coming out of junior cricket and secondly, because the pitch was flat and not had as much bounce as the normal Australian pitches have. There is no way that the Indians are going to counter the same conditions in Brisbane next week.

Yes, a bit of time in the middle for the visiting players is always valuable, but, the captain and the team management should not give too much importance to the runs scored by the players in this game.

In Brisbane where the first test match is to be played, the Indians will have to cope with the likes of Harris and Johnson and that will be a different ball game.

There are two or three places up for grabs in the Indian batting line up presently. The first one is right at the top of the order. Shikhar Dhawan has kept his place in the side despite his failures in England, but, should he be given a go at Gabba knowing the fact that he is vulnerable to short balls? Wouldn’t it be a better option to present the young KL Rahul his first test cap?

Yes, some would say that Rahul is untested at this level, but, he is someone who, in the domestic cricket in India, has shown that he can play on the back foot and that’s what a captain needs from his openers down under.

It remains to be seen though which way Virat kohli, the stand in captain of India for the first match, is thinking.

Being Rahul Dravid

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Olympic Sports Can Learn A Lot From Cricket Says Rahul Dravid – TOI

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