New Award Introduced in IPL Tournament

By , August 4, 2016 8:52 am

The IPL organizers had introduced a new award in the tournament this year, the glam shot award and that went to David Warner.

A sum of one Million Indian rupees also came with the award for the Hyderabad captain.

Out of all the games played in the season, some of the shots, were identified as the glam shots by the commentators and were put on the official website of IPL for public voting.

The shot, which eventually won the award, was played by Warner in a game in the Round Robin phase.

The left hander had taken a delivery from half a foot outside his off stick and with a whip much similar to the helicopter shot, had got it to go flying into the advertising boards at the cow corner fence.

Another shot that might have been close to that of Warner in terms of the no. of votes was the straight drive of Krunal Pandya, the Mumbai Indian player.

That drive of Krunal did not come off a full delivery. He was actually not even on the front foot, but, the ball rose so nicely to him that he just extended his back foot defence a little further and took his wrists a little higher for the shot to have some elevation.

The ball flew so beautifully past the bowler and the umpire that it created a scene to be hold in the camera.

Obviously, talking about the glam shots, the king De Villiers and his ramp shots have to be in that list anytime and they were surely in there, a few of them, but, because the ramps and scoops of the South African skipper have become so familiar to the people that they might not have drawn that much of voting.

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