Rahul Dravid 92 (63) Vs England 2nd Odi Bristol 2007

By , October 23, 2014 11:24 pm

Indian Cricketers Video clip Ranking: four / five

13 Responses to “Rahul Dravid 92 (63) Vs England 2nd Odi Bristol 2007”

  1. Pratham Kumar says:

    sachin yaar vapus badluck.
    lol at 0.03. check out the score bar………

  2. cwvideomaker says:

    its dhoni wearing dravid’s mask :)

  3. Rishad D'souza says:

    its a misconception that dravid couldn’t play quick. the problem is the
    position he came in at demanded that he hold the innings together rather
    that go after fast runs but on occasions like these where India were
    already in the drivers seat he could do the hitting as well. He even hit
    the second fastest 50 in his time against NZ.

  4. shankchud12 says:

    Tendy disliked this.

  5. TheStranger4100 says:

    Super Class

  6. Sooraj VR says:


  7. ctomadhugeri says:

    super im so happy bcoz u done a gud job sir u rocks man

  8. Vikram Singh says:

    Shot at 6:13 is the best shot I have ever seen..

  9. Ram Sharma says:

    rahul is best 4ever

  10. BoomBoomBalochistan says:


  11. Varun Kaushik says:

    one of the best innings of Dravid…

  12. mananmohindra says:

    Good work

  13. Vamsi Arepalli says:

    mister cool