Sachin Tendulkar 175 off 141 Balls 5 Sixes & 14 fours VS Australia –

By , January 12, 2013 7:50 pm

Indian Cricketers Video Score: four / five

25 Responses to “Sachin Tendulkar 175 off 141 Balls 5 Sixes & 14 fours VS Australia –”

  1. manustat says:

    keep getting your sickness out on youtube kid.not gonna comment on that.

  2. Ranngarajan Ks says:

    Ravindra jadeja screwed this match

  3. ThePerbin says:

    You looked in the wrong place. God was actually in my bedroom giving me a BJ.

  4. ThePerbin says:

    Yet he couldn’t complete the victory. Thats Sachin for you. A complete waste of a cricketer. He has records only because of his longevity. There were many batsmen, much more talented than him, but weren’t as lucky as him to get so many chances. The best thing that has happened to cricket is Sachin’s retirement. Now his retarded fans can shut the fuck up and let others watch cricket peacefully.

  5. ThePerbin says:

    Then hang yourself if it disturbs you so much.

  6. ThePerbin says:

    Go ahead. Cricket doesn’t need retarded fanboys like you.

  7. Udaysankarrao Yadav says:

    Never thought to see a match without GOD… Now seeing you in youtube really disturbs…

  8. anish timanna says:

    05:50 is GodMode On!

  9. manustat says:

    hell of an innings!!!..i was missing god today so started looking for him on YouTube instead of temples 😛 🙂

  10. Karanjeet Singh says:

    very lucky crowd there who r seeing sachin’s this kind of innings vs australia changi tassali naal chittar ferya e kangarua nu……

  11. Vaibhav Dubey says:

    Definately he is the god of indian cricket. India was able to chase 350 bcz f sachin in this match. Legend.

  12. Abhishek Rai says:

    thumbs up if u r watching this after sachin announced his retirement..!!

  13. chetanglitz says:

    I think today is that day you were talking about!

  14. vijay singh says:

    i miss you s.t

  15. ahmed irtaza says:

    what do you mean dude when he will retire from a single format then you will retire from watching cricket if so then today he retired from Odis or u will wait for his complete retiring

  16. Aditya Apte says:


  17. earp61able says:

    Just heard the news about his retirement from ODI. Never once has this brilliant batsman has shown arrogance or an ego. Any young player who wants an example of how to behave and perform should look no further. 23 years at that level is unbelievable.

  18. rahultherapper34 says:

    this is the greatest innings i have ever seen of sachin against the aussies who has got the courage to score so freely agianst the tight aussies

  19. malay shah says:

    india couldnt score 19 of 17 balls

  20. mush874ify says:


  21. ameykanitkar85 says:

    Again.. He was all alone! He chasing 350, he scores 175 alone which is half of the score & rest of the team cant even play around him. And we say when makes a 100, india loses. Crap statement!

  22. susruthr says:

    One of d best innings in odi history.hatsoff to master blaster

  23. Sandeep Palla says:

    better than his best of 200 ..
    this was a knock under pressure and he carried the innings with so much integrity and perfection ….shame that we lost after his one man army effort,no one supported him besides raina ….

  24. itskiranr says:

    Get lost u

  25. ryenfs says:

    yeah he could, and so much more. go fuck yourself k?