Sachin Tendulkar – BALL BY BALL – his 90 vs Australia 1996 WORLD CUP

By , April 19, 2012 5:39 pm

Indian Cricketers Video Score: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Sachin Tendulkar – BALL BY BALL – his 90 vs Australia 1996 WORLD CUP”

  1. macsonmanbhat says:

    those wer the days

  2. Wild913 says:

    Glen Mcgrath in the effing zone first 18 balls all dots

  3. tyagisudeep says:

    India have won this match easily if there batsmen dont play bad shots they just thrown their wickets

  4. subroto81 says:

    his 175 against australia in the hyderabad odi is awesome too but he got no support from is teammates as usual.

  5. SLionsCricket says:

    have u seen any footage of jayasuriya’s 340 vs india

  6. robelinda2 says:

    Great request!

  7. SLionsCricket says:

    nice work. any chance to upload aravinda’s 107 in the finals ball by ball. ty rob

  8. bha1210 says:

    Ha! Ravi Shasti kept calling Damien Fleming, Matthew Fleming!

  9. player06ful says:

    No matter what we say about Tendulkar.. no 1 can deny that he is a brilliant batsmen 🙂

  10. shakilmujeeb says:

    Sachin in the 90s was truely awe inspiring

  11. robelinda2 says:

    you thought wrong, obviously.

  12. subroto81 says:

    u are a enigma, i thought u kinda hate sachin tendulkar but why do u upload his videos?? instead of sticking to west indian videos…just curious.

  13. robelinda2 says:

    ch 9 only care about current or recent uploads, they will terminate channels in an instant that upload anything current, they couldnt care less about old footage.

  14. kedharf1 says:

    The good old days when 258 was a tough score to chase!

  15. kedharf1 says:

    how is this not a copyright infringment? I mean it has the channel 9 logo on it :/ .. just curiosity 🙂

  16. metalskull1986 says:

    If by choking you mean not scoring all the the runs..yes,he did choke and so did all the batsmen in the history of cricket.

  17. metalskull1986 says:

    I think you’ve lost too many brain cells.You certainly are not aware of his great innings’ in 90s and early 00s.Your comment really shows you are jealous and insecure that an Indian is the best batsman of all-time.

  18. MrChirag82 says:

    @dopestarism yr comment is rather more boring..

  19. vvikramraj says:

    Nice video! Makes you feel thankful that he got out early in the 2011 WC final 😉

  20. BulldogDynasty says:

    As good as Tendulkar played in this game it wasn’t even close to the best innings in this match LOL and he choked it by getting out to a wide hahahahaha

  21. dopestarism says:

    Seriously, Tendulkar is such a boring player to watch. I mean, good technique and everything but damn he is so overrated its not funny. I scan my brain for classic innings, and can remember them, by Viv Richards, Michael Bevan, Adam Gilchrist, Mark Waugh, Brian Lara, Ponting, but Tendulkar I cant remember a mindblowing, classic innings I would want to re-watch. Too boring a player, only popular because he’s Indian and there are 15 billion Indians in the world give or take a few.

  22. TomAraya23 says:

    lol you uploaded an innings from a match that was fixed.

  23. shutuprafa says:

    well it’s not overrun with trolls…I like to think robelinda serves the purpose of separating the wheat from the chaff 🙂
    seriously, fuck everyone who prefers robelinda2 to robelinda, most of ’em are T20 spastics as you say.

  24. robelinda2 says:

    well i guess 4 people watch my other channel, fuckin waste of space it is.

  25. robelinda2 says:

    None! Only ever had one, and it was a fake one which i fought and won.