Sachin Tendulkar: Brian Lara interview on the Indian cricket legend

By , September 29, 2017 1:04 pm

20 Responses to “Sachin Tendulkar: Brian Lara interview on the Indian cricket legend”

  1. Rahul Joshi says:

    One thing is for sure…lara was head and shoulders with sachin…if not better than no less either….on his day he was a treat to watch….decimates bowler at will….yes the only thing in which lara was better than sachin was the was he used to construct his innings in tests….once he was set he used to play big big innings…marathon innings…..and off course sachin longetivity and sublime stroke play is unparalled

  2. Madhu Samineni says:

    Love you Lara, you are my best after Sachin

  3. Spartacus Singh says:

    Gentlemen of the game. This is how you treat your fellow legend. No hate or jealousy.

  4. Peenac D says:

    Lara has so many fans in India .

  5. vishwa karan says:

    Lara u r greater dan sachin man … wat a mind boggling batsman

  6. bjornsi borgsi says:

    "one of the greatest batsman of my time..". Bhenchod, "THE GREATEST BATSMAN OF MY TIME"

  7. NoMatterWhat NeverGiveUp says:

    lara you are fantastic…

  8. Karmveer Choudhary says:

    however you were the best ….. we loved to hear about Sachin and no matter what happens we would but you were delight and dravid whispers too .. makes it too evident

  9. fame cricket says:

    What a fantastic player!

  10. gulliver cas says:

    I always regard Sachin as the best batsman of the modern era…Simply because he combined Flamboyance and Technical Brilliance in such a perfect manner in all the shots he played and gave goosebumps to both the purists as well as those who wish to see exciting cricket!!…I think Brian also realized that and that is why he is always full of praises for Sachin!!…Lara is also a genius and only Sachin looked slightly better than him.Always had fun watching both of them bat!!…The test series between India and West indies should be called LARA-TENDULKAR Trophy!!…It will be a perfect tribute and will also motivate both the teams to vie for that trophy whenever they play each other!!

  11. varun reddy says:

    thats what called foot moment,which shahid afridi even dont know the meaning of that because of his bling hitting.bleddy fucker

  12. ColourDeficient says:

    Don't think he's played in Antarctica, m8. Ergo, he hasn't played in all continents.

  13. ColourDeficient says:

    I'd rather watch Lara bat. So exhilarating in full flow.

  14. Adam Ryan says:

    Lara is Pele, and sachin Is Maradona

  15. feludaify says:

    Two greatest batsmen of history….equivalent to Pele n Maradona in football.

  16. mahesh katta says:


  17. smokinjoe11 says:

    i think sunny leone is better than sachin and lara, i like her flawless strokes and her hip work . she performs best when under pressure i.e missionary position but even when she is on top she spins the mind out her opponent and she can play on any pitch or surface.mattress. sofa, floor, She can handle the swing of the banana and doesnt need a helmet to counter the balls.She brings joys to millions of fans , and her fans r not limited to cricketing playing nations.

  18. mandeep singh says:

    u missed grand daddy of cricket– sachin.

  19. Dan Pilcher says:

    BC Lara the record breaker!! Beat that, the best i have seen.

  20. Viraj Hasantha says:

    what a girl. celebrities have gone crazy. kareena slapped a senior news reporter in a meeting. she doesnt have any voice over it.

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