Think You Know Yourself: Rahul Dravid

By , November 25, 2017 1:04 am

20 Responses to “Think You Know Yourself: Rahul Dravid”

  1. ajay kumar says:

    Neither host nor the participants gave the respect he deserved?

  2. Surende Thind says:

    great man miss u

  3. Surende Thind says:

    i love u darvid

  4. Ramesh Khanna says:

    Ladki fazool Katrina Smjh rahi hai apne aap jaise abhi sab mohtarma ke kadam chuyenge kitni akad bhari hui hai foot foot ke gir rahi hai

  5. Krishna Teja says:

    What a player Dravid was!! If you were 90s kid.. you know that legends gone and cricket has never been the same for us.

  6. Girish K Ananthakrishnan says:

    What is with that female? so much of attitude for nothing!

  7. rendezvous59 says:

    The guy has played around 350 ODIs & 160 Test Matches is he gonna remember every landmark or achievement in such a long career?

  8. Vibhor Shandilya says:

    I believe the guy who was hosting did a good job… but the way that girl was over showing her expressions on camera literally insults player like rahul Dravid…. next time please choose nice and real fans of any player

  9. Raghu Sasidhar says:

    Best one….

  10. ron rocks says:

    Stupid girl clean Rahul dravid shoes show your attitude to your boy friend not Rahul dravid if he could be shewag he would shut your mouth

  11. Gokul Kumar says:

    To be very frank I hate this show like hell.This is not the way to treat Rahul Dravid

  12. Gokul Kumar says:

    That girl thinks that this show is for her . #oversmart

  13. Nikhil S says:

    25 years of International Cricket.? Aura of Jam says so, you unknowingly mashup the minute details. 🙂

  14. Sudheer Babu says:

    at 2:15 rahul was saying like behen c**d…

  15. bhaskar rao says:

    Such a humble man….deep down the earth … of the rarest legends everseen…..#rahul dravid…..

  16. shafiulla bs says:

    The real Man

  17. Muneeruddin Mohammed says:

    One of the worst formats I've ever seen. When you have a sportsperson of Dravid's caliber instead of asking interesting questions and having a good conversation, you guys managed to make him uncomfortable by asking way too difficult questions.

  18. Prathamesh Bodke says:

    What's up with that girl

  19. shashank kumar says:

    The wall.??