Anil Kumble says Weather can Destroy game in Caribbean

By , June 4, 2017 9:26 am

Anil Kumble does not believe that the weather prediction should influence the game plan of a team at all as there is no guarantee for the prediction to be true and if the game plan is based on that, the team might end up having to pay a big cost for it.

Kumble says the prediction for the third day in Jamaica said that it would be pelting down throughout the morning and the afternoon and hardly any play would be possible. But, it turned out to be fairly sunny and a number of overs were bowled. So, how can one be sure that the prediction for the following day would be bang on?

As per Kumble, India was aiming to get as much ahead of the score of the Caribbean team as possible and that’s why, the declaration came late and if the heavens had not opened up at a wrong time on Tuesday when the hosts were in tatters having lost four of the top order players, the momentum could have led to India taking some more wickets and finishing the game off on that very day.

Kumble reckons the two overnight Caribbean players were brave on the last day as they looked to bludgeon the opposition bowling first up to get the close in field to spread out and after that, the second part of their plan was to push the ball around and do nothing rash and Roston Chase, in particular, was 10-on-10 with his execution. Also, the lower order stuck around with him with commendable application.

On their previous two outings at Sabina Park in 2006 and in 2011, India had emerged the winning side, beating West Indies by 49 runs and 63 runs in the two games respectively.




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