(HD) Rahul Dravid magnificent 270 vs Pakistan – SERIES WINNING KNOCK!

By , June 8, 2017 1:00 pm

20 Responses to “(HD) Rahul Dravid magnificent 270 vs Pakistan – SERIES WINNING KNOCK!”

  1. SHASHI Rko says:

    the perfect batsman in the world. the great Indian wall

  2. Koustubh Sudarshan says:

    That six motion by David shepherd ?

  3. Shalini Jatia says:

    Learn t drop catches Pakistani

  4. Vishal Gedam says:

    rahul dravid is great player with techniques & lots of patience. The wall – hats off to my favourite cricketer

  5. Asif sheikh says:


  6. Hassan Ali says:

    Sachin aur Sehwag! ?

  7. jabirali masthan says:


  8. Manoj RDY says:

    Legend of Indian cricket

  9. Nilesh Oak says:

    He is genius.An outstanding cricketer.

  10. GANESH says:

    With due respect to the contributions of Dravid,he used to look miserable against the legendary bowlers like Wasim,Waqar,Saqlain,Akhtar,Muralitharan,Mcgrath,Warne,Donald,Pollock,Steyn,Ambrose,Walsh,Shane Bond – except a few knocks. Infact he was the only Indian batsman who became the bunny of Shane Warne. Dravid has a shockingly poor test record on the slow pitches of Sri Lanka becoz of Muralitharan. So what is the thing behind him being called the technically greatest (or) the best test batsman for India after Gavaskar?? Dravid is always a punisher of average bowlers on all playing conditions. The 233 and 72 at Adelaide 2003 was made on an extremely flat batting surface against the bowling line-up without Mcgrath and Warne. We all know what he did when India toured Australia in 1999/00. that was the final time India played on true australian conditions and Dravid looked petrified against Mcgrath-Warne…He used to dance against Pakistan when they had Wasim,Waqar,Akhtar in his peak. This 270 came against an ordinary attack led by Mohammad sami since Akhtar did not bowl a single ball on the crucial 3rd day. Its indeed a huge blessing for him that both these efforts resulted in historic Indian victories – not taking the credit away from him – but it has given him an all new cult status. Dravid was a very good batsman,but not legendary and all. He would have struggled if he had started his career in the 1980s.

  11. Alak Niranjan says:

    dravid is better than any other player

  12. vishal kale says:

    sachin would have been third and dravid wud have been fourth indian to score double ton against pakistan…

  13. sankar uit says:


  14. Satya Singh says:

    अपने समय का सबसे भरोसेमंद भारतीय प्लेयर…

  15. DHANESH DUBEY says:

    The thumbnail for this video is from Adelaide Test 2003 b/w India & Australia. India won that match and that victory started a new journey for Indian cricket.

  16. rahul kala says:

    Hi Suhaas thanks for the video.
    I m a grt fan of Dravid.
    Can u please tell me which songs tune is it at the last of ur video?
    Thanks a lot

  17. Rahul Mishra says:

    We miss you legend … <3
    a lot… and your last words " i was lucky to play for India "
    And we were lucky to see you play for India man .

  18. Asker Mirza says:

    did you guys noticed that ganguly didnt not even get up when RSD got to 250 to applaud, either he was jealous that he could not do that or he was so tired to get up everytime RSD reaches a landmark score- which one do you guys think is the right answer?

  19. Blue Stars says:

    The wall was dropped by Pakistani fielder for 40 runs…

  20. Shiv Swami says:

    Thanks. Beautiful cover drives and booming straight drives. Total Team play.