Sachin Tendulkar Top 5 Fights

By , January 20, 2018 1:03 pm

20 Responses to “Sachin Tendulkar Top 5 Fights”

  1. Nitin Raskar says:

    this is the full cheated for Australia..

  2. MY MediAaaa says:

    Its not a fight… Sachin's angry moments only

  3. All ABOUT CRICKET and WWE says:

    Sachin Tendulkar – Never give up ..

  4. Venkata Ramana says:

    God never fight but punish.

  5. Md Minnatullah says:

    bakchod uploader

  6. Aditya Sayam says:

    Martin garrix

  7. Faizan Ayub says:

    he is a legend and true gentleman of cricket and he respects every one and i still think that, people like sewag must learn from him and MS dhoni and i salute you sachin and me as a pakistani is missing you as a cricketing fan because the people like you shows that, this is the game of gentleman rather thento abuse each other and i wish that, sachin would be the role in cricket world in future.

  8. Unda Pori says:

    these are not his fights you fool

  9. J M says:

    Sachin never fought with anyone he is the most well behaved. The only other players that could be compared are Muralidharan and Hashim Amla in terms of behaviour.

  10. sahil salaria says:

    saaala fudddu none of five was a fight

  11. Padma Chauhan says:

    my sachin god tocrit

  12. Pradeep M says:

    Ausies lairs

  13. prabhat Shrestha says:

    bulshit vdo

  14. hrishikesh mane says:

    horribly edited thumbnail

  15. vishal ks says:

    these were the most bloodiest fights I had ever seen??

  16. Rishad K says:

    I think there was one incident.when sachin sledged against McGrath

  17. SunilpatnI Sunilpatni says:


  18. ARUN KUMAR says:

    You f**ker dont ever try to spoil Sachin's name. Where do you see fight in the above video

  19. Rahul Prasad says:

    why this music man

  20. RAVI VASWANI says:

    Ek bhi fight nahi hai iss video mein. Bade chale aaye video banane wale. Rascal