Dravid spends a #DayWithPixel2

By , February 17, 2018 7:30 pm

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  1. Tasdeek Khan says:


  2. manish bhaskar says:

    WOW Ad

  3. Abhishek Kumar says:

    I heard rahul asked his team to stop using mobile

  4. Mohima Chaudhuri says:

    And Rahul Dravid will be cute forever

  5. Sukhen Mistry says:

    amaranth avijan

  6. Naresh Reddy says:

    Super coach

  7. ratna kumar says:

    Great creative ad

  8. Indian Indian says:

    The Legend



  10. Nirav Mistry says:

    Who is here For rahul dravid sir

  11. Karthik P says:

    Thumbs up if you're watching this after U-19 world cup victory

  12. Prakhar Kumar says:

    The camera of my 40-day old Google Pixel 2 just died, out of the blue.
    The camera is inaccessible from any of the apps, as if it has got disconnected from the motherboard.

    I haven't even ever dropped my phone! It's sheer use of poor quality components that this happened.

    In whole of India, the only Google/B2X service centre that exists, is located in Mumbai. (P.S.- I live in Bangalore).

    It will be long 10-12 day period before I can get a replacement, as informed by B2X and also confirmed by a friend of mine (who got his Pixel 2 XL replaced in December).

    Guess what, even a to and fro travel between Mumbai and Bangalore, by train, won't take more than 3 days.

    Even companies like Xiaomi and OnePlus have more than one service centres in each of the major cities of India.

    Google has bucketloads of money to pay to celebrities like Rahul Dravid (and some more cricketers), Twinkle Khanna and Anushka Sharma for advertising the Pixel 2 series.
    But, for opening up a service centre each in Bangalore and Delhi is something which they cannot afford.

    Google has just lost a loyal customer (I'm in this ecosystem since 2011).
    My next buy is certainly going to be an iPhone.

  13. Vipan Chawla says:

    Much of this video is about google assistant which is present in most of the phones at this range

  14. shankar jyothi says:

    And my Google home just added that reminder at 5am

  15. Sri nidhi1996 says:

    Trust me.. those 17k dislikes are iPhone users…??

  16. Sai Yogi says:

    से कस वीडीओ

  17. Raju Thakuria says:



    Good… Ad

  19. manish singh says:

    The Wall….

    Love it

  20. Vidya Balakrishnan says:

    Draviddd! ??